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The concept of a Cash Advance is simple: we purchase your future Credit Card Sales at a discount and you pay us back with a small percentage of your future Credit Card sales. This allows you to get the cash that you need now and avoid a set payback time period or set monthly payment.


The process starts by entering a few details about your business into the Quick Quote section of our website. After reviewing your information, one of our Funding Advisors will email you within the hour with the best three options for your business based on the information entered. You then choose the option that works best for you and fax or email back to us a signed application along with a:

-Copy of a voided check
-Copy of Driver's License
-Proof of ownership (a document that shows the business owner name(s) and percentage(s) of the business owned. Some examples of such documents are Articles of Incorporation, LLC Member Agreement, Tax Return Schedule, etc...)
-Most recent months Bank Statement
-Last 4 months of Credit Card statements

Underwriting approval takes 24 hrs. During that time, our underwriting department will evaluate the information you provided, pull available public information on you and your business, and have a brief interview with your landlord to make sure you are current on your lease. After final approval, it usually takes around 5 business days to receive your advance.


Don't forget that with our program, you do NOT have to go through the hassle of changing your processor. So go ahead and enter your info into our Quick Quote section or Call 888-801-5181 For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.



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